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American expats abroad

October 19th, 2009 No comments

5.25 million Americans (excluding military) live in 160-plus countries.

If all these Americans were placed in one state it would be the 17th most populous state in the U.S.

FRANCE: 101,750 (#9 on list)

New Government Estimate of Overseas Americans
The State Department has recently shared its current estimates of the number of US citizens not affiliated with the US Government who are resident abroad, by region. The total is the highest released to date: close to 5.26 million.

Because Americans residing outside the United States are not counted in the US censuses, this estimate, as all “counts” of Americans abroad, is based on a limited amount of data combined with intelligent guesswork.

The estimated figures, by region, are:

* Africa: 109,600
* East Asia and Pacific: 754,000
* Europe: 1,488,000
* Near East: 586,000
* South Central Asia: 97,000
* Western Hemisphere: 2,222,000
* For a total of 5,256,600

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