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For Brits, France is the top expat destination

France the most popular expat destination

Halifax International has released a new report on expat trends, with intriguing information on where they actually move.

4% of British expats already own a home overseas with around a quarter saying that they are contemplating buying or moving abroad in the future. Nearly one third of Britons considering the move are under the age of 35 and more than two-fifths of those who have made the move said they have no intention of returning home.

Despite public opinion generally being that most expats move to Australia, New Zealand or South-East Asia, the report reveals that France is the number one destination for Brits abroad.

France held a 16% share of the expat total, well ahead of second placed Spain (10%) and the USA (8%). Australia was joint fourth along with Germany and Switzerland.

The figures did reveal definite trends amongst age groups, with Australia named as the most popular place to live by those aged 16 to 35. Spain and France were the European leaders for this age bracket. For those expats aged between 35 and 45 Italy was named as the preferred European destination.

British pensioners said Canada was their ideal overseas destination, just ahead of Australia, New Zealand and Spain. One in six of all pensioners have considered moving overseas.

An estimated 5.5 million Britons live abroad according to Public Policy research, with 400,000 leaving the UK in the last year alone.

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