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France a top popular expat destination for healthcare

About a month ago, I posted an original article about the French healthcare system and its benefits (as well as its pitfalls). According to the 2009 HSBC Expat Explorer Survey (France pp. 28-29), which focuses on British expats, France comes out #2 for quality of life (#1 is Germany), in large part due to its healthcare system. You can find much more about this survey, country profiles, etc…here.

This article explains a bit more:

“Only 12 per cent of Brits working overseas plan to return home for retirement, a study from Alliance & Leicester has found. According to the group, France is the most popular destination for expats planning to retire, with 18 per cent of those questioned planning to retire over the Channel….For those concerned about securing good quality healthcare during their retirement, France may be a wise choice as the country recently topped the HSBC Expat Experience survey in the healthcare category…”

Fellow expats in France, what have been your experiences in France, specifically relating to healthcare?

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