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Wellbeing in France – Expatica

Expatica introduces “wellbeing in France

The expat site Expatica has resources for expats living in France to de-stress and relax, from yoga studio listings to forums and several groups and clubs for sharing information. Here is an excerpt:

Wellbeing is defined as “the state of being happy, healthy or prosperous.” Being all three is no mean feat. For expats seeking that balance, especially just after relocating, achieving wellbeing can be especially challenging.

Relocation challenges
The stress involved with moving to a new country throws many expats off balance. Traumas, bad relationships and life’s disappointments seem to become a thing of the past as you pack your bags and face a new future full of possibilities. But once the honeymoon wears off, the subsequent expatriate adjustment process can be difficult as one settles into a new culture and lifestyle.

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