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“Why everyone loves France”

I found this piece on Expatica very interesting overview of what makes France attractive to foreigners. Among the reasons: rich culture, history, modern transport, gastronomy…and this piece focuses on Futuroscope, a theme park near Poitiers… What are the reasons you like (or perhaps dislike) France? It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly attracts me to the country, but I’d have to say it relates to an appreciation for the pleasures of everyday life, a more healthy work-life balance than in my home USA, a cultural history that is a wealth of pride to the French and leading innovative companies and high-tech transportation links. Also the diversity of the regions.

Excerpts below..

The world’s top tourist destination
It’s official, and, although visitor numbers were down in recession-hit 2008 from 2007 (79.3 million as opposed to 81.9 million the year before) France is still the world’s top tourist destination. Most of us would be surprised to discover that France gets more than 20 million more visitors than both the USA and Spain, 50 million more than the UK and almost 60 million more than Turkey, according to the world tourism organisation WTO…

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    Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

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