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French strikes: Paris CDG airport might run out of fuel next week…

This is just to share with you the latest news, courtesy of BBC News. The unions are continuing their policy of political terrorism, taking the country hostage for their own interests and to the economic detriment of the country. Let’s hope this ends soon.

Excerpts below.

France’s main airport, Charles de Gaulle, has enough fuel to last only a few days, the transport ministry has warned amid strikes against government plans to raise the retirement age.

A ministry spokesman said officials were working to restore aviation fuel supplies. Economy Minister Christine Lagarde urged people “not to panic”.

Oil refineries and fuel depots have been hit by the latest strikes. Meanwhile unions are holding fresh mass protests over the pension plan.

On Saturday thousands of students are expected to join a fifth day of demonstrations in less than six weeks. Unions have called for more than 200 marches nationwide. Trapil, the company that operates the fuel pipeline to the Paris airports, told French media on Friday that supplies had stopped and that Roissy-Charles de Gaulle could run out of fuel as early as next week.

All 12 oil refineries in France have been hit by the strikes. Ten have shut down or are in the process of closing. A number of fuel depots have been blockaded….A sixth day of nationwide strikes and protests is planned for Tuesday 19 October….”

  1. Marek Blahus
    October 17th, 2010 at 20:56 | #1

    Hello, just wanted to say thank you for this great coverage of the events in France. I arrived here in the beginning of September and firstly was surprised that there seems to be a strike every two weeks, but what’s going on now has really approaching the level of acceptability. Already when I had to spend three hours stranded at a train station while waiting for a connection while coming back from Germany on October 12, I started to wonder whether the French perhaps do not like the standard of living they may enjoy as a developed West European country, if they need to purposefully cause problems to themselves; in my country, if there is a rail traffic blackout or they need to send a bus in place of a train (both were the case of my Tuesday’s travel), it is always because of some problem that could not be foreseen – but here, the troubles are being created artificially, on purpose! And with what is going on now, I already think of cancelling all my planned trips, buying a reserve of food and drinks for my home and getting a pocket lamp ready for the case of an energy collapse. I would wish to say I am joking, but I am scared to see myself exaggerating less and less when I keep writing this to friends over the last days… Thank you for your coverage, since even with a passive understanding of French is not easy at all to get oriented about the strike’s progress. Greetings from a Czech expat in Nancy!

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