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Paris 4th most expensive city for hotels

I read this on The Economist travel blog, Gulliver, and it should not come as that big of a surprise (though there seems to be an increasing number of affordable accommodation options). The original study is linked to below, and I have boldfaced Paris’ ranking. Make sure to check out my travel links section.

Russian alpha beds
Feb 16th 2011, 12:02 by A.B.

MOSCOW still has the most expensive hotel rooms of any city in the world, according to the latest annual survey (PDF) by Hogg Robinson Group (HRG). The average price of a bed in the Russian capital declined over the course of 2010 by 3% when measured in pounds (12% in roubles) to £258.67, yet keeps the city in the top slot for a sixth successive year.

Abu Dhabi, which was behind Moscow last year, plunged to 19th place, mirroring Dubai’s fall in the previous year, and for much the same reason of soaring supply. As a result New York moved up to second place with rates of £211.92, an increase of 3% on 2009.

The biggest increases were seen in Australian cities, with costs in Sydney and Brisbane soaring by 21% and 32% respectively. The report attributed to this to a strengthening of Australia’s dollar and its resource-rich economy. And it was a recovery in the financial sector that helped London avoid the downward trend shown elsewhere in Europe. Instead, its average rate rose 3% to £156.91, though this was still only enough to place it 29th out of 75 cities, below the likes of Istanbul, Johannesburg and Mumbai.

Most expensive cities:
1. Moscow £258.67
2. New York City £211.92
3. Geneva £203.42
4. Paris £200.90
5. Zurich £198.58
6. Washington, DC £193.12
7. Hong Kong £191.24
8. Stockholm £189.30
9. Doha £183.54
10. Riyadh £175.82

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