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There are obviously more options available than listed below for this vast category, including individual real estate agencies (agences immobiliers).

You can find helpful housing (Immobilier) terminology here, explained in French. This glossary provides French-to-English translations.

N.B. Always be aware of scams and con artists, especially if they ask you to wire a security deposit (“caution par depot mandat cash…”) through things like La Poste and Western Union before visiting the apartment. If the offer is too good to be true, it usually is.

“Le Guide du locataire” (the renter’s guide) – a GREAT handbook online in French for advice about renting, subletting, security deposits, insurance, etc…

“Etat des Lieux” model in French (inventory, and report on state of repair)

Craigs List has a ton of housing listings, mostly apartments, vacation rentals, etc. You can check them out city by city here (of course Paris has the most), and by clicking English in top right corner if you’d like after selecting a city. If not, the French for “real estate” is “immobilier”.

Craigs List France

Also, a LOT of links here.

Housing insurance advice (in French)

Buying houses and properties, rentals
Expatica Housing
Just Landed Housing, rental
Just Landed Properties
Go to France property guide
“My French House” (UK-based)

Buying a home in Grenoble? A French mortgage guide (Grenoble Life)

Moving to Lyon (Interpol guide)

Investing: Loi Scellier for rental properties
Plan d’épargne logement (Individual real estate savings plan)

For finding roommates, renting rooms
Appartager (housing with roommates)
Recherche collocation
chambre à louer (room for rent)
Portail Collocation
Le Bon Coin
PAP (for “ventes” – sales -, “locations” – rentals, etc…)


Location Etudiant
CNOUS for Students
Ma Piaule

Vacation Rentals
Rent Villas

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    We live in the Savoie area but are looking to relocate in the Berry. A good site to help in finding housing (rent or buy) is slogger.com. You can specify what you are looking for, and they will send you mails according to those criteria.

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    Hi! I am currently living in La Rochellewith 2 other expats (one from Colombia and one from Germany). We each pay 80 euro a month in utilities (so 240 total) and this month our proprietaire added an extra 92 euro each on top of that price. To me, this seems ridiculous, but is this actually how much utilities cost here?

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