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French fashion is world-renown, of course, and many styles from here and Italy eventually become “in” in the US. As an American man in France, I’ve seen different styles worn by the men here.
A couple of common examples:
-it is not uncommon to see men in suits without ties (this is especially true for media, PR, entertainment)
-it is more fashionable to wear pointed-toe dress shoes
-men wear suits generally with a tighter fit closer to the body than Americans
-French men wear scarves more often than Americans with many attires (suits, sweaters…)

As for women, I’ve put some sites below for fashion in France. Most of these sites are in French, but some have English versions. You can see some French clothing vocabulary here.

Before you get started, you should take a look at these conversions:
Clothing and Shoe Size Conversions (US, UK, France Men’s and Women’s)

Also, this site includes more countries, for men and women…but is in French.

Fashion advice
Masculin – Mode Homme (Men’s Fashion)
C pour les hommes (“It’s for Men”)
Au Feminin – Mode Femme (Women’s advice)
Femme Actuelle (Modern Woman)

Stores & Shops
Célio (Men’s)
Célio also has Célio Club, for quality, relatively inexpensive (130-200 euros) suits and classier things. It’s in most major French cities.
Jules (Men’s)
Armand Thiery (Men’s and Women’s)
Galeries Lafayette (High-end department store like Bloomingdale’s or Macy’s)
Printemps (quality department store)
Their English version is here.
Le Bon Marché (luxury department store in Paris)
3 suisses (everyone)
Rue des Hommes (Men’s)

Cheap stores (Men’s and Women’s Fashion, other)
H&M France
C&A France
Promod (Women’s)
Promo Alert (deals on clothes, appliances…)

Sporting goods
Go Sport

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