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Do you need help translating your English resume into a competent, convincing French CV? Or your cover letter? What about translating a website into French or English? Need tips on improving your French? Advising on how to deal with French business partners and clients (Intercultural Management)?

You’ve found the right person.

I have significant experience in translation (French-English, English-French) for websites, documents, letters, CV/resumes and other communications. I also have taught English for several years at every age and fluency level. In addition, I’m fluent in French and can help you learn or brush up on certain areas, like business French, travel phrases, banking, office/administrative vocabulary, sports vocabulary, cuisine, music, etc.

Moreover, I’m a freelance journalist and communications consultant. If you would like to inquire about my services, and also see references and past work, please contact me at:

Thank you, merci.

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